Monday, 18 January 2010

Gravious rolls out Mixtape 4

Gravious, that's 'Grah-vee-us' as he helpfully points out, has put together another mix tape (his 4th in a series running since '08) showcasing some of his newest and deepest tunes. Influenced by J Da Flex, Femme Fatale, Future sound of London, Boards of Canada, Radiohead, LTJ Buken, Aphex Twin, and a raft of more leftfield DnB artists, the sounds of the Gravious are both varied and Beautiful. Enjoy

[00:00] 1. Intro (Life Support 303)
[03:06] 2. Erik XVI – Gravitationskraftens stilla vrede (Gravious Anti-Gravity Mix)
[06:46] 3. Cascade
[11:48] 4. Omo Delta
[16:36] 5. City of Spheres
[21:11] 6. Ghostly Steps
[25:03] 7. Lunar Module
[28:57] 8. Wu Shin
[33:58] 9. Recoil Unit
[39:00] 10. Deepchild – Wannado (Gravious Remix)
[44:02] 11. Continuum
[48:41] end

Gravious's other mixtapes can be found on his website

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