Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Free Download: Dark Sky - Night Light

It's perhaps the fact that Dark Sky are a collective of three separate producers (two of whom make up London's Boogaloo Crew) which makes their productions so varied. Their debut release of 'Ghost Notes' and 'Something To Lose' on Black Acre Records displayed incredible production talent in building both 8-bit dubstep and euphoric breakbeat, and the forthcoming digital 'Frames EP' on Pictures Music (release date is set for July 12th) is no less varied: swinging from future garage, to 2-step, to grime-flecked UK funky.

'Night Light' features on this EP and begins with barely-there atmospheric samples, before crashing in with a scale-ascending bassline and gunshot snares fired out in tight pairs. The control of the track's movements is what is most striking here, as jumps are made from that initial heavy drop, down to a solo synth and quarter-time beat without unsettling the flow of the tune.

Download: Dark Sky - Night Light


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