Monday, 28 March 2011

Free Download: Broken Bubble - We Can Build You // 25% Store Discount

After mentioning the launch of Broken Bubble in our interview with him at the beginning of the year, Cogidubnus has since been pushing the label hard and this month drops this free compilation as a sample of what his roster has to offer. Featuring fourteen tracks, collaborations and remixes from Duskky, Hurtdeer, Cogidubnus, wAgAwAgA, Blood Boy, Second Line, Sorrow and Macka the collection is what a compilation should be, in that each of its parts complement each other to form a selection which stands up as a whole whilst simultaneously leaving enough room for the individual tracks to breathe. The sound being pushed here is an intelligent one with a thoughtful approach to production in which nothing is spared and each component earns its space; the attention to detail in percussion is striking, as is the way in which both melodies and samples slot in effortlessly.

'We Can Build You' can be streamed and downloaded in its entirety on the player below.

There is also a discount on offer over at the Broken Bubble store which is available exclusively to Hedmuk readers for the next two weeks (until the 8th of April): just enter the code 'hedmuk' at the checkout to get a 25% discount on any items purchased.


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