Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Free Download: P Money - I Beat The Tune

To support the launch of his new website ibeatthetune.com aswell as the hotly-anticipated forthcoming release of 'Blacks & P', OGz member P Money has released this free mixtape featuring eight new tunes.

The message is clear with this release as P looks to establish himself as an artist willing and able to crossover to other styles of bass music, in particular dubstep. The result is a mixed bag, as the aggressive jump-up of Flux Pavilion doesn't really warrant a vocal whereas Emalkay's 'Crusader' and, to a certain extent, 'Prodigy Freestyle' test P to adapt his flow and ends with a worthy update to the instrumental; and perhaps unsurprisingly, the standout tracks are those on which a grime instrumental is vocalled. 'Blackberry' is interesting as it is probably the closest he's come so far to making a commercial tune, despite opposing the grime scene's favourite mobile phone...

Download: P Money - I Beat The Tune


1. Blackberry
2. Prodigy Freestyle (feat. Blacks)
3. Mike Lowery
4. Who Are You Watching (feat. Wariko & Jay Eye)
5. Crusader Freestyle
6. I Can't Stop
7. Originator
8. P Money's Bass Cannon


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