Thursday, 12 November 2009

Rob Smith

What does Smith and Mighty, RSD, More Rockers, Jaz Klash and Blue and Red, have in common? The answer is simple- Rob Smith.A multi-talented musician, DJ and remixer, Smith is an integral part of the Bristol sound as it is known today. Listening to Smith's output from his different groups and pseudonyms theres a real sense of diversity and depth in his music-the smooth reggae sounds of Blue and Red, the Deep, progressive, dub influenced sounds of RSD, the fusion between Jungle and Dub you find in so much of his More Rockers and Jaz Klash output. And then there's Smith and Mighty, forever part of the Bristol scene that fused together the local reggae and dub sound system culture with hip-hop elements, to create the trip-hop sound. As Peverelist announced last week, Punch Drunk's sister Label, Unearthed, will be re-releasing classic Bristol sound system anthems from times gone by. The first release will be from Rob Smith's Smith & Mighty pseudonym with 'Bass is Maternal' / 'U Dub.

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