Sunday, 21 February 2010

Tes La Rok taking over on the buttons (again)

Tes La Rok has always garnered suitable amounts of interest from fans in the UK as he was one of the first examples of genuinely good dubstep producers flourishing from overseas (with the man representing Finland). Arguably his biggest release to date is the much hyped remix of Uncle Sam's 'Round The World Girls', which featured on Caspa & Rusko's hugely influential FabricLive. 37 mix, however his original productions show an interesting range of diversity. One thing common to nearly all of his tunes, though, is the obvious influence of the dub tunes from which dubstep takes its moniker. Often using samples and working them into tunes flecked with off-beat organ licks, he achieves a balance many producers can't. His next release (the final one before his much anticipated long-player, which is expected to drop sometime this year) is a perfect example of his combination of old school jungle-dub sounds and pitch-bent bass tones. A remix 12" featuring his reworkings of Mungo's Hi-Fi featuring Brother Culture on the A-side and Top Cat & Jack Murda on the flip is forthcoming on Noppa Recordings in April/May of this year. The A-side is a tune clearly aimed at the floor, with a slow-building, junglist-style intro and huge bent drops; whilst the B-side shows his ability to make tunes for the living room aswell, as it leans far more on its dub influences. A knock-on effect of the release is, perhaps obviously, to raise the stakes for the album to come, which HEDMUK is looking out for with increasing anticipation...

His mix for the excellent FACT Magazine is also definitely worth a cop:


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