Thursday, 11 February 2010

Sureskank Convention Vol. 1: Kähn

Maybe it's youth, maybe it's the luck of the draw with which city's hospital you were in when you fell into the midwife's arms, or maybe it's that most terrible of abstract concepts: instinct. Regardless of the correct answer, some people just seem to have their head in the right space, an index finger bumping along to each beat of the pulse and, most importantly, their feet firmly on the ground. Joseph McGann, or Kähn as the posters would have him known, seems to be the entertainer of a rather subtle blend of those factors mentioned above: irritatingly young, at the tender age of 21 (if, in a post-Skream world, such a claim can really be made) and hailing from Bristol, most things seem, so far, to have gone his way. Working with and running Bristol nights Sureskank Convention and Shäkoom respectively, his productions cover the full range of intelligent bass music; blending aspects of Dub, Garage, UK Funky and the deeper, darker and denser end of the Dubstep spectrum to create a consistently intriguing sound. Having been producing for around three to four years now, he looks set to push out from the Bristol scene of which he has become such a part of as he offers the sort of diversity in his production which, up until very recently, there was no real demand for. As more nights (significant in being the best place to hear the newest tunes) begin to devote themselves less and less to a single particular style and rather present an increasingly wide selection of genres, opportunities for producers with strength in diversity (Scratcha DVA being perhaps the most prominent example currently) are growing.

This month sees the first in a series of mixes from the aforementioned Convention courtesy of Kähn (and Cölouryüm blog), and includes a whole of host of his own original productions; demonstrating the full spectrum of both his influences and abilities:



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