Saturday, 20 November 2010

Free Download: Zdot - Route To Success: Parts 1 & 2

Having risen over recent years to establish himself as undoubtedly one of this years hottest grime producers, Zdot is the man behind the beats for the tunes such as Wiley's recent free release 'Roaming', Ghetts' war dub for P Money 'Destruction Of The Eiffel Tower' and Griminal's 'ET'. His beats are build with an old-school, minimal feel to them which provides the perfect platform for the increasingly lyrical approach of the new wave of grime MCs, yet this does not mean they don't pack a punch without the aid of a vocalist. The 'Route to Success' series is aimed at showcasing this sound, and furthermore delivers all of the tunes in a high quality format: something that is all too rare in the grime scene.

Part 1 features vocals from some of the biggest names about, including Ghetts, Doller Da Dustman, Shifty & Badness alongside a collection of instrumentals such as 'Gwop Likes Me' and the huge 'Me & Z'.

Part 2 is similarly weighty, this time featuring stalwarts on the mic, such as Wiley and Mercston, alongside younger, rising MCs like Maxsta. The beats, of course, are as diverse and consistently well-produced as has come to be expected of the young producer.


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