Friday, 3 June 2011

Orientis Records - Angles w/ Exclusive Hedmuk Bonus Track & Mix

With the recent reinvigoration of the half-step leaning deep dubstep sound, it seems that 'Angles' and the Orientis imprint which brings it forward will serve as an important defining point in the progression of the genre. At eleven tracks, the statement is of quality over quantity and this quality is ensured by label-head Thelem's intense attention to detail: there is no filler here. The whole collection is defined by an acute sense of control and restraint, and it is the addition of this element which is so vital to the overall success of the release as both a project and a statement from the artists and label involved.

Beginning with Thelem's own 'Illusions', the album takes a rolling start over tight kicks and a hypnotic panning synth before moving into the haunting territory of Killa & Instinct's 'Halftime' with its bulging bassline. Subreachers' 'Left Hand Path' adds a subtle skip to the beat with a scatter of high-hats over a growling bassline, which is extended by BunZer0's techy offering in the form of 'Recovering' and 'Krymia', the first of two tunes from Crisp, which trails a floating synth over neatly tumbling percussion.

It is at this point that Antics' 'Unconscious' drops in with a stripped-back beat and pulsing sub and settles the pace once more. This careful ordering of the tracks serves as another reminder of the attention given to the details as 'Apocrypha', a collaboration between Instinct & Thelem, gently draws the listener from their halftime sway. Collision uses tribal drums and an eery sample on 'Another Planet' to build in progression over a warping bassline and lead into Crisp's heavy roller, 'Surge'.

The penultimate track on the compilation, Pressa's 'Orbs', lets a tightly controlled bass melody flow under rounded synth stabs before Legend4ry's 'That Kid's Got Spirit' rounds of the collection with a twisting bassline, reverb-laced synths and something of a telling sentiment in its title.

Compilation tracklist:

1 - Thelem - Illusions
2 - Killa & Instinct - Halftime
3 - Subreachers - Left Hand Path
4 - BunZer0 - Recovering
5 - Crisp - Krymia
6 - Antics - Unconscious
7 - Instinct & Thelem - Apocrypha
8 - Collision - Another Planet
9 - Crisp - Surge
10 - Pressa - Orbs
11 - Legend4ry - That Kid's Got Spirit

Buy: Orientis Records - Angles

To add to this, we've linked up with the Orientis family to exclusively offer something a little extra. First up is a free bonus track for the compilation from Pressa: 'Concussed' is a stuttering roller with plenty of swing in its drums and licks of his characteristically delicate, minimal synths. Also included is an exclusive mix of the tracks featured on the compilation which has been put together by Killa & Instinct and showcases the tunes featured, by a simple re-ordering and a series of subtle blends, in a different light.

Download: Pressa - Concussed

Free Download: Pressa - Concussed by Hedmuk

Download: Killa & Instinct - Angles Mix

Killa & Instinct - Angles Mix (Orientis / Hedmuk) by Hedmuk

Mix tracklist:

Killa & Instinct - Halftime
Subreachers - Left Hand Path
Thelem - Illusions
Antics - Unconscious
Pressa - Orbs
Collision - Another Planet
Legend4ry - That Kid's Got Spirit
Crisp - Surge
Instinct & Thelem - Apocrypha
Crisp - Krymia
Bunzero - Recovering



  1. big from New Zealand!

    too much, hedmuk! the way the "Download: Pressa - Concussed" link goes to the d/l page for killa & instinct mix may want to fix that : )

  2. Cheers man, support's always appreciated.

    I'll get on fixing that link now...

  3. Can you please reup the links for the Pressa track and Killa & Instinct mix? Thanks :D


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