Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Free Download: Author - Mothership (Killawatt & Ipman)

One of our favourite production duos remixing one of our favourite production duos: rarely does it get much better than this. Dropping in as a (very) early Christmas present, this rework shifts the intense atmospheric focus of the original track in favour of an unforgiving roll that is so notable across Killawatt's solo productions; and yet, with Ipman's masterful approach to sound design and engineering, that sense of atmosphere is not lost and is rather tugged back slightly so that it no longer envelopes, even smothers, the listener but is hung invitingly in front of them.

Not only is this an example of production and intricacy at its best but, with an airing out of the hard drive as it were, a suggestion that 2013 will hold plenty more exciting developments for the Jack Sparrow, Ruckspin, Killawatt and Ipman.

Download: Author - Mothership (Killawatt & Ipman)


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