Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Free Download: Benton - The Free EP: Vol. 2

Following the success of an immaculate debut album, Benton - a producer with whom we've enjoyed a long history - is drawing the silver lining from his computer packing up by giving away a series of free EPs. The first dropped through FatKidOnFire, and we present the second to download here exclusively.

More of a mini-album than an EP, Benton's got his full arsenal on show here: 'The One They Fear' marries subweight with a haunting, dusklight top line; 'Evening Departure' drifts through ambient beginnings into an intense Amen workout; 'Facedown!' is the sort of rowdy, angular stomper that defined Benton's early appearances on N-Type's Rinse shows; 'Dun Spark Da Philly' is pure dancefloor decadence, with pounding Roland drums skirted by a drunken synthline; and the best is saved for last as his take on Hackman's 'Close' elevates the summer anthem to a new level, we can see this one soundtracking a few late night beach parties over on the Croatian coast come September...

Download: Benton - The Free EP: Vol. 2 [.zip]

Download: Benton - The One They Fear

Download: Benton - Evening Departure

Download: Benton - Facedown!

Download: Benton - Dun Spark Da Philly

Download: Hackman - Close (Benton Remix)


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