Friday, 8 November 2013

Comment: Sending music, and the importance of tone.

Yesterday, this screenshot was posted on the Hedmuk Facebook Page, and the response was a tellingly mixed one: some finding amusement, others bemusement, and some taking offence at our posting it at all. That the issue was so divisive only goes to prove the importance of considering your tone when approaching someone you have never previously spoken to or had any contact with. And this aspect of 'first contact' is perhaps the most important to bear in mind.

We endeavour to listen to everything we get sent, and reply with feedback as often as possible, and have discovered some amazing music in this way - we appreciate the privilege of this position, and in turn seek to give the position its due respect.

When it comes to reading through, listening and responding to submissions it's not about being cool, and it's not even close to being elitist; instead, please consider this: if you have worked hard to produce a piece of music and you would like someone else to hear it, then the least you can do is show your own artistic endeavours the respect they deserve and spend a bit of time thinking about how best to put them across. The care and attention you've given the music should be reflected in how you talk about it: if you accompany your submission with a limp joke, then how seriously can you expect your music to be taken? There's nothing wrong with building rapport - in fact it can be very important - but trying to do so without having lain any foundations will prove difficult. The point of the screenshot is not to single anyone out (and it should be noted that it makes no additional comment on the music being sent either), but is rather to illustrate a too-common occurrence.

In an ideal world this shouldn't matter so much, but the fact is that if your submission is going to be one of many received daily then it pays to put the effort in. And this isn't a one-way street either: when we contact artists to ask if they'd like to feature on the blog in some way, that we also consider our tone is of great importance too.

The difficulty here, of course, is that different people on your submissions list are going to have their own personal preferences, but that's not to say that a few basic guidelines can't help. This forum thread, and the subsequently-produced How To Send Me Music, are both excellent resources for those looking for a further insight into how to approach sending out music to potential new listeners and supporters. And if you're still unsure, then there is never any harm in just asking: a short email inquiring as to the best way to send over music is always going to be more welcome than the results of ham-fisted guesswork.



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