Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Free Download: Ming Da Mercilus - Paimei

We first came across Ming Da Mercilus after hearing his collaborative efforts with fellow Isle Of Wight resident, and Hedmuk mainstay, Sepia. Whilst arguably yet to pin down a specific sound and call it his own, the young producer shows promise with his willingness to try on different styles, rotating tempos and rhythmic approaches with abandon. On 'Paimei' he's struck gold, digging into the proto-dubstep sound that emerged from garage's early-noughties fling with breakbeat. Reminiscent of the likes of Toasty, Horespower Productions and Search & Destroy, the tune revels in its drums, making way only for a rolling sub-bass and occasional - though equally percussive - kung fu samples.

Download: Ming Da Mercilus - Paimei [WAV]
                      Ming Da Mercilus - Paimei [320kbps mp3]


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