Thursday, 9 January 2014

Review: Gantz - Spry Sinister / Rising [MEDI078]

Despite a general mantra of valuing quality over quantity, the latter can sometimes fall out of sync with the number of words-worthy releases pouring out of the scene. This, then, is the first of an ongoing series of guest contributions from Silas Howison-Waughray, and what better way to cut your teeth here on Hedmuk than on a landmark release in the burgeoning career of one of our favourite artists? - W.

Words: Silas Howison-Waughray

With previous releases on Box Clever, Innamind and more, Gantz is a name already well-established in the scene and has been supported by a myriad of influential DJs. The Turkish producer's debut release for Mala's increasingly-pioneering imprint - the first 12" of the year for the label - is a unique combination of what fans have come to expect from both Medi and from Gantz himself. The A-side, ‘Spry Sinister’, opens with a scattered vocal sample mirrored tightly in a triplet percussion arrangement and pitched rim shots before the track moves effortlessly into a head-nodding, mood-swinging sub-bass pattern. Undoubtedly the off-kilter feel of the track will have bedroom DJs scratching their heads and Serato fans reinstalling their software, however producing something slightly off-centre is normal for Gantz, who tends to shy away from any conventional approach to production.

The flip side, ‘Rising’ with El Mahdy Jr, is reminiscent of Digital Mystikz’ 2004 release for Big Apple, ‘Pathwayz’, taking influence from past greats and then moving off in a completely different direction. Once again the drum pattern is original and slightly unusual, with a heavily syncopated rhythm dressed with exotic vocals and eerie instrumental sections. This side of the release really draws attention to Gantz’ ability to produce something out of the ordinary but within roughly the same parameters that we know and love.

This, simply put, is yet another fine example of Gantz’ unrivalled abilities and Deep Medi’s forward-thinking take on 140bpm music.

Gantz - 'Spry Sinister' / 'Rising' will be released on January the 13th 2014, and is available to pre-order from the Deep Medi Surus store now.

Silas has written for Gottwood, Urban Nerds, Mavrik, and MisDigest, is one half (guess which) of Silas & Snare Surgeon, and a resident DJ for the Leeds-based Brotherhood Soundsystem.


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