Friday, 27 December 2013

Free Download: Sepia - Wouldn't Be The Same

An artist who shouldn't need any introduction to regular readers of the blog, Sepia has spent 2013 turning his hand across the tempo spectrum and proving himself as one of the most consistent new producers the scene has to offer. 'Wouldn't Be The Same' sees him in sundown, zoning out, hands in the air mode: a butter-wouldn't-melt vocal, the sort of intricate percussion that has become something of a signature to his sound, a quietly catchy plucked top line, and a bassline that meets Phaeleh and Burial in the middle.

We uploaded a clip of the track to YouTube in June, and six months and a corrupt project file later it's here as something of a belated Christmas present, not to mention a good way to round off another great year and nod on to an even better next one.

Download: Sepia - Wouldn't Be The Same [WAV]
                      Sepia - Wouldn't Be The Same [320kbps]



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