Thursday, 23 December 2010

Killa & Instinct - YDK Podcast

Bristol-based production duo Killa and Instinct are the latest contributors to the You Dun Know podcast series. Showcasing their own impressive deep, dark production alongside dubs from the likes of Cyrus, Lurka, TMSV and Commodo. Enjoy:


Catacombs-Exhale (Dub)
Lurka- Prophet VIP (Dub)
Subreachers – Lefthand Path (Dub)
Cyrus -Alone (Dub)
Thelem – Illusions (Dub)
Killa & Instinct – Indica (Dub)
Subreachers – Void (Dub)
Piro & Proxima – Global Enialation (Dub)
Seven & Elvee – Waves (Dub)
Icicle – Anything (Tempa)
Killa & Instinct – EMF (Pure Dubstep)
Killa & Instinct – From The Dust (Forthcoming Orientis Records)
Antics – Four faced Liar (Dub)
TMSV – Amnesia (Dub)
Crisp & Pressa – Atom (Dub)
Geeks & Antics – Governments (Dub)
Instinct – The Resistance (Forthcoming Orientis Records)
Commodo – Orthodox (Dub)
Coleco – Morbid Curiosity (Forthcoming Orientis Records)

For more from the pair, check out our exclusive interview and mix with Killa and Instinct here.

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