Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Subreachers - Ice Cast Mix

We first became aware of Subreachers through their remix of Killa and Instinct's Indica. Hailing from Belgium, the production duo make deep, dark, moody beats or, in there words, 'music for frozen souls'. With releases on Haunted Audio and Dubkraft Records, as well as a number of forthcomings, now is a good time to check their sound:

Ice Cast Mix Dec 10 by Subreachers


Kiev - Breach [Dub]
12th Planet - Smokescreen (Jack Sparrow Remix) [Dub]
Killa & Instinct - Indica (Subreachers Remix) [Dub]
Lurka - Conscious [Dub]
Goli & Ashburner - Fields of Vibrations (Subreachers Remix) [Dub]
Subreachers - Void [Dub]
Coki - It [DMZ]
Subreachers - Left Hand Path [Dub]
Ben Verse - Venom [Dub]
Commodo - The Shock [Dub]
Requake - Origin Of Species [Dub]
Core - Suicide [Dub]
Lurka - Return [Dub]
Orphan 101 - Propa [Dub]
JazzyJazzy - Atlantis [Dub]
J:Kenzo - Against The Grain [Dub]
Dubwoofa - Night Sun [Dub]
Cessman - Zion Dreamz [Dub]
JazzyJazzy - Cold Harbour Lane [Dub]
Valor - Frank Jaeger [Dub]
Subreachers - Let Go (J:Kenzo's Digikal Love Refix) [Dub]
JazzyJazzy - Gimme Ya Wallet [Dub]
Subreachers - Let Go (Au Valour's Forgive & Forget Remix) [Dub]

Mr Lager Ft Asher Dust - 4 Leaf Clover (Von D Remix) [Dub]
June Miller feat. Beer - Aged 23 [Dub]

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