Monday, 26 December 2011

Free Download: OG'z - Oh Geezus, It's Christmas AGAIN!

Following up from 2009's 'Oh Geezus, It's Christmas' mixtape P Money, Blacks and Little Dee are back fronting this free eight track release. With features from some of the less known OG members and the beats being provided by a tight selection of some of the most in demand producers at the moment (just take a look at the beat selections from Lord Of The Mics 3 for an idea of how dominant these guys currently are) this is a welcome return to the mixtape format from the crew, who have remained relatively quiet since 'OG Season' and the departure of Dot Rotten.

Download: OG'z - Oh Geezus, It's Christmas AGAIN!


1. OG'z - This Is GRIME! (feat. Kozzie, Jammin & Shower) (Prod. By Darq E Freaker)
2. OG'z - Taking It Old School (Prod. By Preditah)
3. OG'z - Who We Are (Prod. By Zdot)
4. Blacks - La La La (Prod. By Faze Miyake)
5. OG'z - Dead Battery Freestyle (Prod. By Faze Miyake)
6. Stormer - Sisters (Prod. By Preditah)
7. OG'z - Shutdown Vs. OG'z (Prod. By Sukh Knight)
8. OG'z - Numbers & Letters (Prod. By Faze Miyake)


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