Sunday, 25 December 2011

Free Download: Skream - Freeizm History

Skream weighs in this Christmas with yet another huge, and apparently final, giveaway: this time he's collected eleven tracks which all date between 2004 and 2006 (a period many consider to be among the golden years of the garage off-shoots of both dubstep and grime). Coming with a slightly wry warning that 'This will not impress people who found dubstep in the last 3 years', the free zip should provide something of an insight to more recent fans as to the minimal and hugely experimental foundations from which the now-global sound has grown.

Featuring some Stella Session classics, such as 'Potent Cloud' and 'Hurt The Soundboy', this is a must have for everyone: regardless of when they were first introduced to the sound.

Download: Skream - Freeizm History


1. Zoned
2. Potent Cloud
3. Deeper Concentration
4. Dubbers Anonymous Pt.2
5. Hurt The Soundboy
6. Live & Learn
7. Sound Trak
8. Tale of the Haunted Flutes
9. Top Gear
10. All Hail
11. My Calculations



  1. Skream - Dubbers Anonymous Pt. 2 - The VisuaL

  2. Can you please put up a new link? I'm a huge Skream fan and would love listen to these, especially DA Pt2.

  3. Please upload a new link bro! Cheers dude!


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