Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Free Download: MIK - Do It (Fable Remix) / MIK - Let's Get Busy (Fable Remix)

M.I.K, a core member of the inimitable Family Tree crew and one of grime's most exciting young MCs, has received some impressive remix treatment over the last year or so - be it Pedro 123's immaculately minimal remix of 'Donny Don', or Kahn's rework of 'Duppy & Leave' (which is available as a free download here) - and has an old-school flow which works hard in the spaces left by often threadbare instrumentals.

Fitting, then, that Fable, a producer who understands better than many the importance of space in a beat, should take on these acapellas for a revamp. In something of a follow-up to the DEM Recordings project which first surfaced around this time last year, 'Do It' is dubstep's mellow take on the rapid flips of 8-bar grime; rotating between an airy synth, hi-hat and vocal and an equally stripped-down pure beats and bass combination. 'Let's Get Busy' takes a similar approach but relies more on its synth for groove, though the warm bassline is still there and the drums are an almost minimal presence. Reminiscent of Wiley's legendary drumless 'Devil Mixes', the tune flows effortlessly with the looped synth and MIK's vocal forming the brunt of the driving force.

With grime having suffered somewhat at the hands of mid-range-driven dubstep, it's refreshing to hear them both reduced to their bare, and arguably most-effective, components.

Download: MIK - Do It (Fable Remix) [WAV]
Download: MIK - Do It (Fable Remix) [320kbps mp3]

Download: MIK - Let's Get Busy (Fable Remix) [WAV]
Download: MIK - Let's Get Busy (Fable Remix) [320kbps mp3]


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