Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Free Download: Skream - 100K Freeizm

Like the opposite of a grime MC announcing on every set that their new mixtape is 'out soon', the last two free download releases in Skream's much-loved 'Freeizm' series have been announced as the last and yet more continue to surface. The occasion for this latest offering is the Croydon producer's reaching 100,000 followers on Twitter, and features eleven tracks all made between 2006 and 2009 - arguably one of dubstep's most fruitful periods.

Download: Skream - 100K Freeizm


1.   Lemon Drive (2007)

2.   Smokers (2008)

3.   Gloitch (2007)

4.   2LSD (2D Remix) (2008)

5.   Fuckin' Nutter (2007)

6.   Maybe it's For The Best (2008)

7.   Passion (2006)

8.   Oiz (2009)

9.   Shadows (2009)

10. Woinky (2008)

11. Hazey Mind (2009)



  1. The music on this new album is exactly the type of music that I want to be doing. It's heavy, it buy music downloads. It's got a lot more melody that I'm used to. The first solo album was like a tweak in the beginning of what I wanted to do and I couldn't really get there, but now I finally got to where I'm almost 100% happy with this album.

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