Sunday, 17 March 2013

Free Download: MIK - Donny Don Acapella

No stranger to remix treatment, some of our favourites of which are available for free download here and here, MIK today unleashes a whole new selection of re-rubs via his Bandcamp site. Featuring a full range of styles - from zoners reminiscent of Fable's recent remixes for us, to percussion-driven numbers and greazy synth-led approaches - the EP showcases not only a fine selection of new production talents, but also the versatility of the MC's flow patterns.

With this in mind, we thought it pertinent to suggest, after MIK got in contact about the release, that we give out the acapella as a free download for a limited period to encourage more producers to take on the challenge of combining their sounds and styles with an MC who lends himself to such a breadth of approaches; and he agreed, so here it is:

And anyone who does finish a tune which incorporates the vocal is, of course, encouraged to send it our way, to the


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