Saturday, 30 March 2013

Free Download: Sepia - If We Could Only See Us Now

One of the most consistently brilliant producers to regularly pepper the Hedmuk inbox with fresh dubs is Sepia. His music skips ably across a whole range of sounds and styles - from swung garage to prim UK funky to ruff jungle to straight sub-weight steppers - whilst simultaneously refusing to be strictly defined by any of them. But this sense of nostalgic retrospect goes no further than his moniker, as the music (and the title of this particular beat) is nothing but forward-facing; again we have this sense of hybridity and, with it, excitement: if this is the indefinable 'something' that's been brewing in the UK's underground, then it's with Sepia - all puns intended - that we find the bubbles.

Opening up with the sort of textures and delicate melody that Sigur Rós might manage to carve from their Icelandic landscape, when the drums kick in the listener is split between a lulled head-nod and all out two-stepping: an amazing level of rhythmic complexity, delivered with potent smoothness, is arguably the defining characteristic of a Sepia tune. And that's before the bent basslines, unrelenting at the second drop, have gripped your ear and pulled it all the way through the track. In all honesty, it's difficult to capture the full feel in writing as there is something entirely unwritten - indefinable - which brings and holds each element of the tune together; so for now it's probably wisest to let the music do its talking.

Download:  Sepia - If We Could Only See Us Now [WAV]
Download:  Sepia - If We Could Only See Us Now [320kbps mp3]


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