Monday, 1 April 2013

Free Download: Wayfarer - Fall Of The Zulu VIP

A tune debuted last year as the closeout to his Hedmuk Exclusive Mix, Wayfarer's 'Fall Of The Zulu VIP' took the original's startling percussion and gave it a whole new roll with an added flurry of drum hits and twisted mid-range; the tune quickly became one of the young producer's most sought-after dubplates, occupying pride of place in the bags of a very select few DJs. However, without any plans for an official release, and with a corrupt Logic project file making that end seem even less likely, we were surprised and delighted in equal measure when the Notts producer hit us up to host the track as a free download. So grab the tune for free below and, healthy project files withstanding, keep an eye out for some Wayfarer wax hitting the shelves soon.

Download: Wayfarer - Fall Of The Zulu VIP



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