Sunday, 15 September 2013

Mix: Demon - Physics Mix

His first solo 12" since starting the label two years ago, the 'Physics EP' sees Demon showcase a new maturity as he experiments across each cut with a different balance of bass, drums and midrange. Lead track 'Gravity' weighs in heavily with a soft-moulded sub lending the track's melodic drive, whilst 'Morning Glory' is a more characteristic dose of the kind of coarse mid-range upon which the label was founded. 'Molecule', meanwhile, sees the drums take the rein in driving out rolling rhythms, occasionally cut through with a clapped snare.

To support the release, the man himself hit us up with a 40 minute mix of tough material from the extended MUD family, which is available to stream and download below.

The 'Physics EP' [MUV008] will be released on the 16th of September 2013, in 12" vinyl and digital formats, and is available to pre-order now from the Macabre Unit Surus store.

Download: Demon - Physics Mix


Catacombs & Knowledge - Old Town (District Remix) [Dub]
Slaven - Insurgent [Forthcoming MUD]
Biome - Infected [Dub]
Fifi Rong - Over You (Dcult Remix) [Ditto Music]
Demon - Physics [Forthcoming MUV]
Biome - Function [Dub]
Dcult - Red Matter [Dub]
Demon - Parachutes [Forthcoming MUV]
Rekta - Wavescape [MUD022]
Demon - Morning Glory [Forthcoming MUV]
Arkotypes - Panthera [Dub]
Occult - Replicant [Dub]
Geode - Jade [Smoke 024]
Biome - Wonderland VIP [Dub]
Demon - Break Point - [Dub]
Feonix - Firefly [Forthcoming MUD]
Nebula - Abraxas [Dub]
Biome - Genesis [Dub]
Piezo - Discipline [Dub]
Versa - Footsteps In Tibet [Forthcoming MUV]


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