Friday, 28 February 2014

Featuring: Blackwax

Blackwax, though by no means the most prolific, have built on a steady stream of - at times, inexplicably slept-on - releases, carving their own groove from the UK's rich history of underground dance music: an upfront mesh of grime, garage, breaks and drum machine brutalism. Their re-imagining, last year, of the seemingly ubiquitous 'Pulse X' made our end of year favourites list, and they followed that one up with a self-released brace of free downloads - found below, bookending the mix - which exhibited a new clarity in the unique sound that the duo have been pushing at for years.

Included in - and supporting through their selections on the Circadian Rhythms NTS show (presented alongside Last Japan) - the clutch of producers welding and blending all that's great about UK electronic music who've appeared as regulars on these pages over the last few years, it seemed about time that the London-Edinburgh pairing of Luke Dubuis and Ross Andy joined the exclusive series. And whilst there's no interview to accompany, we're confident that the music here has more than enough talk of its own to offer...

Download: Blackwax - Hedmuk Exclusive Mix


Blackwax - Grimace
Visionist - Pain
Lighter - Skanker
Dizzee Rascal - Strings Hoe (Wen Refix)
Cliques - Aut
Pearson Sound - Starburst
Jam City - Bells
Akito - Aqua Tryst
Lol Gurlz - Red Pill Blue Pill
JT - Twin Warriors (Rabit Remix)
Spokes - Pigs Riddim
Bone Squad - Skal & Bones
Annoy - Fort
Twwth - Naomi XX
Mssngo - D&C
Mike Midnight - Camera Shy
Beneath - Bells
Nativ - Broken System
Murlo - Cold Stroke
Facta - FWD
Compa - Bullets
Logos - Seawolf
Moleskin - Slippin'
Blackwax - Phobia


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