Thursday, 22 July 2010

Free Download: Skream - Freeizm Vol. 3

The third and final installment in Skream's Freeizm series before the release of his second album has arrived, and it's safe to say that the man has outdone himself again. The third collection features nine tracks including the likes of much-sought-after tearout tunes such as 'Metal Mouth', 'Let's Go Fucking Mental' and 'Meta-Lick', dark steppers like 'Behind The Curtain' and 'Pick Ya Knees Up' as well as longtime fan favourite 'Rollin' and three remixes ranging from mid-noughties grime tunes to the blissed-out likes of 'Reminissin' and 'Dr. Who Dub'.

Download: Skream - Freeizm Vol. 3


1. Skream - Behind The Curtain
2. Skream - Meta-Lick
3. Skream - Rollin'
4. Skream - Metal Mouth
5. Skream - Pick Ya Knees Up
6. Geeneus - Now Is The Time (Skreamix)
7. Geiom - Reminissin' (Skream's Tribal 44 Mix)
8. Skream - Let's Go Fucking Mental
9. Dr. Blue & The Time Travellers - Dr. Who Dub (Skreamix)


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