Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Tunnidge - Kongcast #120.

Tunnidge is the latest to contribute a mix for Kongkast, showcasing, as he did with the excellent mix for Disrupt:on inc, his production prowess in the deep, dark sub-low spectrum of Dubstep. Listen out for 'Blame', his latest collaboration with Distance, as well as 'Fear' and '7 Breaths' both of which make up the next Chestplate release.

Listen here.

1. Tunnidge "Geddeon" (Deep Medi)
2. Tunnidge and Distance "Blame"(Dub)
3. Deleted Scenes "Hysteria" (Dub)
4. Tunnidge and Cyrus "Lights" (Origin Audio)
5. VIVEK "Danger" (Dub)
6. Tunnidge "Dark Skies" (Dub)
7. Truth "Amnesia" (Dub)
8. Cyrus "Manhatten Blues" (Dub)
9. Tunnidge "Higher Forces" (Boka Records)
10. Distance "No Warning" (Chestplate)
11. Tunnidge and Cyrus "Ding Ding" (Origin Audio)
12. Tunnidge "Fear" (Chestplate)
13. Tunnidge "Burning Fire" (Dub)
14. Tunnidge "Bugspray" (Get Darker)
15. Mala "Eyes" (DMZ)
16. Distance "Menace" (Chestplate)
17.Tunnidge "7breaths" (Chestplate)

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