Friday, 9 July 2010

Free Download: Skream - Freeizm Vol. 2

This is the second installment (cop the first here) of Skream's free download releases in the lead up to his second album, 'Outside The Box'. This collection features the fan favourite, eerie stepper that is 'Dark Light', which uses space in a Loefah-esque way to add density to the skeletal frame of the tune aswell as the deep 'Disturbin' Toyz' which is built around a heavy kick-snare combination. 'Arola' adopts a future-garage beat pattern, occasionally dusted with euphoric synth lines; and 'Sine-Us' follows a similar pattern, but has a more progressive structure and moves with greater urgency. Finally, some old-school flavours in the form of Skream's reworking of Loefah's 'Indian Dub' from 2004: the remix retains all of the original's energy, yet also coming with an almost surgical precision to its arrangement. With one more free release on the way before the album drops, anticipation and expectations are rising.

Download: Skream - Freeizm Vol. 2


1. Skream - Dark Light
2. Skream - Arola
3. Skream - Disturbin' Toyz
4. Skream - Sine-Us
5. Loefah - Indian Dub (Skreamix)

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  1. Hullo! Anyone still got this? The DL link is broken.


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