Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Free Download: Underclass - Rawkus

There are very few people who listen to dubstep, grime jungle or UK funky who could claim that they don't care what a snare sounds like; and if they do, then they're either lying or haven't realised that they care yet. 'Rawkus' is not just a snare workout, but it certainly includes one: a shower of different snares, claps and clicks all chopped and shuffled around until your head won't stop nodding; then just as it settles you, it pulls the floor from under your feet with a cavernous sub-bass.

Underclass jumped to our attention after Threnody included 'Ecko' and 'Klang' in his exclusive mix for us last month, and his sound - raw, and hinting at a strong and diverse range of influence - is one that keeps you coming back for more. Alongside the likes of Etch, Visionist, Beneath, Epoch, Wen and Threnody, Underclass is taking what is most exciting and attractive about British underground music and dragging all the way up to date.

Download: Underclass - Rawkus [WAV]
Download: Underclass - Rawkus [320kbps mp3]


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