Friday, 28 December 2012

Free Download: Coleco - Hedmuk EP

Criminally underrated, Bristol's Coleco (follow him on Facebook here) is one of the most consistently exciting producers working in the UK right now: able to pull an immense amount of space from pretty much any tempo, his recent output has stretched all the way up to the too-often-static 160bpm range, and with impressive results. When Skream made a return to Rinse FM last month - alongside Loefah and Route 94 for an extended one-off show - he played 'Hypnagogia' from Coleco's last Soul Motive release and with it caught the attentions of a previously-dormant audience.

And it's to this audience that this free EP: a collection of tunes ranging from tight-stepping garage on 'Lovin Me' to a stretching cross of jungle, juke and breakbeat on 'Prime', and from the indefinable 'Coleco sound' of 'Automatic' - which manages to introduce more ideas over the course of one track than some producers could handle in an album's worth of material - to the pure bliss 'Smokey', with Victoria Klewin's vocals contributing a generous helping of soul. Enjoi:

Download: Coleco - Hedmuk EP [.zip]

Download: Coleco - Lovin' Me [320kbps mp3]
Download: Coleco - Lovin' Me [WAV]

Download: Coleco - Prime [320kbps mp3]
Download: Coleco - Prime [WAV]

Download: Coleco - Automatic [320kbps mp3]
Download: Coleco - Automatic [WAV]

Download: Coleco - Smokey (feat. Victoria Klewin) [320kbps mp3]
Download: Coleco - Smokey (feat. Victoria Klewin) [WAV]



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