Sunday, 26 May 2013

Review: Keysound Allstars - Vol. 2 [LDN037]

Keysound is a label that, this year, has managed to achieve a rare synergy between imprint and artists - and, judging from our Twitter timeline during Dusk + Blackdown's regular Rinse shows, engaged fans. This second instalment of the Allstars series is indicative of just the sort of rude health the London-based label is in: each tune tussling with the others around it in a positive struggle towards creating something coherent and whole.

'Scattah' is reload-ready and comes on like a drunken 'Super Sharp Shooter' and is the sort of tune that Etch has been threatening to make since he last caught our (and our readers') attention more than two years ago. Manchester resident Walton looks back too, and digs out the vinyl crackle and the ineffable bounce of the garage era to pay his own 'Homage' to the UK's dance music culture. Visionist treads his now-familiarly fine line between gully and graceful, with grey synths, dainty strings and interjections from Crazy Titch. The four track EP is rounded off with a Keysound favourite from Fresh Paul, on which the tone is reset to something lighter with an epic synth workout twisting in and out of minimal, Eski-flecked drums.

In terms of A&R work, this is exemplary and, with all necessary credits going to the four producers involved, is a genuinely essential bit of wax to have in the bag.

'Keysound Allstars Vol. 2' will be released by Keysound Recordings on the 27th of May 2013 and is available for pre-order now.


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