Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Asa & Sorrow - Grime Mix (Hosted by M.I.K)

Bristolian's Asa & Sorrow - perhaps best known for the sort of emotive, garage-flecked numbers that have made up recent releases such as Asa's stunning 'Arcane EP' or Sorrow's masterful debut album, 'Dreamstone' - have been redirecting grime's attentions towards the South-West with a series of short clips being uploaded to Soundcloud. Combining a noted homage to some of the genre's classic sounds (be it Eski, string-driven, or just plain moody) with the advanced production and acute attention to detail so emblematic of their individual genre-leaping endeavours, the results are intensely controlled exercises in shifting a rave.

Regular visitors to Hedmuk will be readily familiar with the MC gracing this production showcase, but what sets M.I.K apart for us is not necessarily just his diverse flows or witty one-liners but his ear for a beat: his versatility as well as his willingness to vocal a huge variety of different styles is the sort of refreshing approach to making music that has been catching the attention of new listeners daily. As something of a sequel, then, to his recent hosting a mix from another Bristol resident, Kahn (who has himself done remixes for the young MC in the past), M.I. has linked up with Asa & Sorrow to reset the levels and raise every bar in reach...

If you want to see Asa & Sorrow doing this live in your locality then is the place to begin the booking process. And if you want MIK down too, then is the address.



  1. really need a download this mix, can't get enough of it

  2. I agree this mix is too much, really glad Asa/Sorrow/Kahn/Neek are all making sick grime at the moment because I hadn't heard anything fresh in ages. FT and those four holding it down atm.

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