Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Free Download: Collision - Free EP

Quietly lauded as one of the UK's dubstep producers to be keeping a firm eye on, and off the back of an appearance on last year's Orientis 'Angles' compilation and the huge Shadow Groove/Identity 12", Collision is steadily building a name for himself as a purveyor of tight, innovative beats.

Today sees the release of a free four track EP which showcases the Birmingham producers talents when it comes to building tunes with heavy grooves and fresh and interesting drum patterns. 'Hoodlum' lurches forward with tripping drums and a warped bassline, whilst 'Concentrate''s is propelled by pulsing kicks and double-time hats; 'Requiem', meanwhile, is an epic, almost-ravey breaks workout; and 'Tyrants' is all about its dread bassline and stomping drums.

Download: Collision - Free EP (.zip)


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