Thursday, 8 March 2012

Free Download: Sleeper - 2009 Tunes

Close to rivalling Skream as the most generous man in dubstep, Sleeper has given away more music for free today; this time delivering four tunes from 2009. Whilst not as dark in mood as his more recent output, there is still a definite sense of depth and space at work here and an attention to detail in the development and control of atmosphere. With a more obvious garage influence in terms of rhythm, these are reminiscent of the early work of Indigo and Synkro and provide a refreshing insight into Sleeper's own beginnings as a producer.

Download: Sleeper - Cut Scene [WAV]
Download: Sleeper - Cut Scene [320kbps mp3]

Download: Sleeper - Blame It On The Voices [320kbps mp3]

Download: Sleeper - 30 [WAV]
Download: Sleeper - 30 [320kbps mp3]

Download: Sleeper - Assassins [WAV]
Download: Sleeper - Assassins [320kbps mp3]


1 comment:

  1. You said it. It's really wonderful to see so many artists giving away quality for free. All 4 of these are truly stunning. I love the simplicity..and the depth. Rspct for Alex....I'll never regret that I voted for him as best new producer @ the DFA last year. Big things ahead of him :) Salute from Bulgaria. ez


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