Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Free Download: Demon - Unidentified // Competition: Win a M.U.D t-shirt

Since the last time we linked up with Demon his Macabre Unit Digital label has stormed Juno's charts with each of its five releases, he's sold out one batch of t-shirts, smashed GetDarker (repping Hedmuk in the process) confirmed the first M.U.D showcase clubnight, and just this week he has announced the official release date of the imprint's first vinyl release, which features tunes from Biome and DCult, as the 9th of April this year.

In support of MUV001, the man himself is giving out this weighted, techy stepper and also offering the chance to win one of the latest run of Macabre Unit t-shirts (as worn in the photo above). Entering the competition is simple: just go to either the Hedmuk - Bass Music Facebook page or Demon's own page (or both, to give yourself two chances) and click 'Share' beneath the link to this article. The competition will close on Wednesday the 28th, at which point two winners - one for each Facebook page - will be selected by an independent third party.

Download: Demon - Unidentified [WAV]
Download: Demon - Unidentified [320kbps mp3]



  1. Whats up with using the same sample as J:Kenzo on shadowy figures?... come on.

  2. ^ Oh feck off with your negativity and enjoy the music


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