Monday, 10 May 2010

Benga - Phaze One

It has been a while since Benga's last sizeable release (his last probably being the Diary Of An Afro Warrior long player, way back in 2008), and the anticipation behind this one has been enormous. Having showcased so many new tunes through live sets and on official mix CDs (most notably on Rinse: 09 and Dubstep Allstars 7) but releasing so few of them caused worries among many that the tracks would never see a release. The announcement of Benga's plans, however, to release a series of EPs (similar to Skream's 'Skreamizm' collection) has put rest to much of the worry. Phaze One is released today with a heavy tracklist in tow, with the huge 'No Bra, No Panties', 'Mini Moto Cross', 'Rock Music' (aka 'Dramatic') and 'Baltimore Clap' making it an absolute must for the bag.

Buy: Vinyl Release (6 Tracks)
Buy: Download Release (8 Tracks)


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