Thursday, 20 May 2010

GetDarkerTV 047 - The History Of Dubstep

GetDarker TV is nearly always worth a watch, but this week's show was definitely among the more notable of the 47 episodes which have aired since the project began back in March of last year as Distance, Cyrus and, the man behind GetDarker, Darkside joined to play a four hour back-to-back set moving from the old school dark garage sounds of the very late nineties right up to the drop of 'Midnight Request Line'.

Featuring some of the very earliest releases from influential labels such as Tempa, DMZ and Big Apple Records (aswell as a neat selection of exclusive white labels and the odd Transition 10") and the sort of exemplary mixing that has come to be expected of the three men behind the decks, the show is definitely worth a listen.

Download (320kbps):

The tracklisting and video stream of the show is also available here.

GetDarkerTV is on every Tuesday from 7-11 at


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