Friday, 21 May 2010

Free Download: La Roux - Quicksand (Gemmy Remix)

Despite the fact that La Roux is, by all accounts, a pretty rubbish '80s revivalist pop act, it seems, since Skream's 'Let's Get Ravey Remix' went top three in the charts last year (and was arguably behind much of the success of the original 'In For The Kill' single) a lot of producers view the be-quiffed androgynous one to be some sort of potential goldmine of remixing potential.

The slew of reworkings, from the likes of Foamo and chronic remixer Nero, pretty much all fell on dead ears, or those already favouring Skream's effort that had started the trend in the first place. Now, more than a year after the boy from Croydon's chart-storming success, Gemmy has joined the latest trend: giving tunes away for free. The track is classic Gemmy: a softened kick-drum driving the sub's undulation, with a pinched synth melody drifting over the top. In fact, of all the people to have forwarded remixes of La Roux, Gemmy's apparent '80s leanings perhaps make him the most suitable candidate so far.


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