Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Elijah and Skillam: 200th blog post.

Elijah and Skillam are, in many ways, grime innovators. Rejecting the clashes, hype wars and focus on MCs that have for so long been the foundation of the scene, they've instead championed the long over-looked production side of the genre bringing the likes of SRC, Swindle, D.O.K and Royal T to the fore. In co-founding Grime Forum, they laid down important infrastructure that remains a vital tool for producers and DJs to showcase their talent. What's more, in the creation of Butterz, a vinyl label, they brought back the stamp of quality that grime lost when it ushered in the mixtape era.
To celebrate their 200th post on the Butterz blog, Elijah has made this Nasty Crew b2b Roll Deep set from circa 2003 available for download.

Catch Elijah and Skillam on Rinse.FM every Thursday, 01-03 am.


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