Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Dub-what? // What-step?

Similarly to the way in which any adult might dread being quizzed as to the origin of children by one much younger and more innocent than themselves, most dubstep fans would rather part with their copy of BAM001 than have to try and explain to someone where their beloved genre came from. By this of course, I don't mean the geographical question (to which most will reply either Bristol or Croydon, then run away), rather where did the sound actually come from? One of the most attractive things about dubstep is that its sonic origins are difficult pin down, due largely to the fact that it has so many. Borrowing from the whole range of underground, bass-driven dance music, dubstep is a hybrid and, more to the point, one that actually works. Among the most obvious contributors to the sound of dubstep is late-'90s garage of the sort produced by Zed Bias (, and this mix put together by Sub FM's United Vibes way back in 2006 is as good a guide as any to how strong an influence garage had on the sound of dubstep so popular on the rave scene today: traceable basslines, two-step rhythms, intensely catchy riffs and wicked samples.

The mix is available for free download from here:


Horsepower – Classic Deluxe [Tempa]
Artwork – The Soul
DJ Abstract – Identity Crisis [Vehicle]
Bogeyman Vs Lombardo – Disturbed
DJ Abstract Touch [Tempa]
Phuturistix – 551 Blues [Locked On]
El-B & Blaze – The Club [Ghost]
Horsepower – Let’s Dance [Tempa]
Horsepower – Electro Bass [Turn U On]
Nude – Digitize [Shelflife]
El-B & Roxy – Express [Ghost Ltd]
El-B – Lyrical Tempo [Ghost]
Hyper-Hypa and Julius feat. MC Juiceman – Congo Fever [Shelflife]
High Plains Drifter feat. Goldspot Productions – Sholay (epic mix) [Tempa]
Menta – Snake Charmer [Road]
Artwork – Red [Big Apple]
El-B – Two Thousand [Ghost]
Oris Jay – Biggin Up The Massive [Urban Underground]
Zed Bias – Pretty Pretty [Kritical Mass Productions]
El-B feat. MC Juiceman – Buck & Bury [Ghost]
Daluq – Supafine [Soulja]
Exemen – Far East [Manchu]
Darqwan – Confused ? [Texture]
Darqwan – Pipe Dreams [Soulja]
Menta – Rubba [Sounds of the Future]
Horsepower – Gorgon Sound [Tempa]
Groove Chronicles – Stone Cold [Groove Chronicles]


Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Menage a Trois? Yes please...

Besides the ridiculous line up Thrasher put together for its Warehouse Project event in October, this week's 'Menage a Trois' between Hit&Run, Prostitutes & Policemen and Format boasts one of the biggest bills to come to Manchester yet. Fyah!!!!

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