Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Rabit Vs. Parris - Keysound FabricLive Promo Mix

This Friday, London's legendary Fabric plays host to one of the labels of the moment and, more specifically, a fast-rising Texan's UK debut. Rabit's standout appearance on Keysound's 'This Is How We Roll', as well as providing one of the standout releases of the year with his 'Double Dragon EP' on Glacial Sound, has seen him increasingly held up as one to watch. Perhaps it's the fact that he moves so effortlessly between the delicate synth arrangements of 'Sun Showers' and the sucker-punch percussion of 'Black Dragons', or maybe just the fact that he doesn't talk much and leaves the natter to the music - either way, he's got plenty of ears on this side of the Atlantic.

In the run-up to the aforementioned debut we caught a few words from the man himself and he - hours after hitting the tarmac, no less - hooked up with BM Soho counterman and, to quote Etch, 'the Randall of our generation', Parris, to record a special promo mix for the event.

Cop the mix below, and head over to the Fabric website to grab advance tickets to guarantee entry to Friday's event.

Hedmuk: How does it feel to be making your UK debut in one of the world's most renowned clubs?

Rabit: It feels surreal, I haven't really had the chance to process it all because I've been so busy. But yeah, it feels great: I'm blessed to have the opportunity.

H: What else have you got planned for your trip across the pond?

R: A lot. I'm playing clubs in Dublin and Berlin, and one night in Bristol as well. I'll be getting in the studio with a few different people also, definitely set aside a week or two for that. And I'll be on Rinse FM for a guest spot too.

H: In your recent studio mixes you've drifted from hip hop, to synth-led soundscapes, to the off-kilter rhythmic blends of grime and UK funky, but what can people expect from a Rabit live set?

R: The same, but different. Variety...dynamics...feelings...

H: Grime has typically developed in very localised scenes and Texas most likely wouldn't be the first place that springs to people's minds when thinking about grime, but what sort of a scene is there for it in Houston, and the US more generally?

R: In Houston there is none. As far as the rest of the US, there are some parties that do well but even then the best turn out is for the US artists that have a little bit of grime to their sound. There's a big disconnect, there may be people that are into grime because Total Freedom put it in a mix but these same people wouldn't pay money if Wiley or JME came to town. There's a general lack of knowledge about the whole thing. I don't really care if there's a scene or audience for grime here: I'm not into making anyone like anything, it's either for you or it's not.

H: Are there benefits, do you think, to being perhaps more isolated from what's going on in the UK? Do you feel any less pressured to confine yourself to certain or singular genres and influences?

R: Possibly. I'm not sure, do producers in the UK feel confined to having a certain sound, because they have to represent or something? I just do what I like. There's never pressure. The only pressure is to make that shit bang harder than the last one.

H: With an appearance on the This Is How We Roll compilation, and now joining the crew for this Fabric takeover, can we expect to see more link-ups between you and the label in the near future?

R: Possibly. I'm featured on Logos' full length, 'Cold Mission', that comes out mid-November. The link up with Keysound has been fluid so far, I'm just rollin' with it.

Download: Rabit Vs. Parris - Keysound FabricLive Promo Mix


Grovestreet - Mook
Chemist - Blocks
DJ Eastwood - U Ain't Ready (Dubbel Dutch Refix)
Acre - Symbols
Wen & Parris - Time
E.M.M.A - Glitter
Dubbel Dutch - Deepa (Vocal Dub)
DJ Tev - Ready Or Not (feat. Gutta)
Rabit - Black Dragon
Strictface - Taipan Showers VIP
Plasticman - Shallow Grave (Wen Remix)
Epoch - Windmill (feat. Afiya) (138 Mix)


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Review: Guido - Moods Of Future Joy

Guido's 'Anidea' was, and remains as, one of the most accomplished long players to come out of the UK - nevermind just the dubstep scene - in recent times. It stretched the melodic possibilities of the 140 template and achieved that rare thing of providing an engaging home listen as well as, with tracks like 'Mad Sax' and 'Beautiful Complication', a strong dancefloor edge. Such then, after a three year interlude of sorts, is the pressure to deliver on what has become a long-awaited follow-up effort.

Keeping it Bristol, with a shift from Peverelist's Punch Drunk to Pinch's Tectonic imprint, 'Moods of Future Joy' is unmistakably a second album: keen to retain the popular traits of an impressive debut ('Midnight Savannah' even contains a thinly-veiled nod to the 'Mad Sax' hook, trailed out on piano) yet aware of the need to press on and progress; "if it ain't broke, then make something just as good to compare it to", if you will. The keys work, a continuously fascinating fusion of classical and jazz training, is all present and correct and will be welcomed by fans of Swindle, and the synth arrangements are as varied and delightful as ever; however where Guido continues to succeed where Swindle is not always as strong is in the aforementioned straddling of living room and dancefloor: 'NRG', in the context of the album, is a natural peak rising between 'Jupiter' and 'Afrika Pt. 2', and yet works just as well rolled out at 1am on a full Funktion-One.

As such, the highlights here are those which exemplify an already-proven talent: 'Same Road', 'Letting Go', 'NRG' and 'Jupiter' are enough to remind you why you pre-ordered the album in the first place, whilst the likes of 'Squeaky Jungle' hint at possible new directions and the nosing in of previously uninvestigated influences. Though very good - and a must for anyone interested in any way in the melodic potential of electronic music, emphasis on music - this isn't an album as accomplished as 'Anidea'; but then a second album rarely is: we can't wait to hear the third.

Guido - Moods Of Future Joy will be released on Monday the 4th of November 2013, and is available to pre-order now. The album is also available to stream in full over at FACT.


Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Preview: Akkord - Conveyor

Since first launching as a silhouetted collective based in Manchester and self-releasing two of the most essential records of 2012, Akkord have been difficult to ignore. And it's only become more difficult since the geometrics obsessives were picked up by Rob Booth-run Fabric offshoot Houndstooth, resulting in the stunning Navigate EP.

In the run-up to one of the most anticipated LP releases of the year, namely Akkord's self-titled debut, the shadowy duo - since revealed as Mancunian pioneers Synkro & Indigo - have been sharing previews of  album material via their site. Last weekend, 2000 people leaving Manchester's Warehouse Project were handed flyer packs containing the QR code sticker shown on the left, scanning which will take the savvy fan to an exclusive stream of 'Conveyor', the third album cut to be previewed so far.

'Akkord' will be released on the 25th of November 2013 on 12" vinyl, CD and as a digital download, and is available to pre-order from the Houndstooth Store now.


Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Part two of the three-part cypher series and taking things up a level - including the tempo - Chimpo brings a bag full of dubplate specials and classic grime instrumentals for the best MCs in the English language to ride.

And with the first run of events now complete, next week sees Levelz hosting the Manchester leg (where else?) of the Sound History Tour. Roy Davis Jr., Eliphino, Shola Ama, Sticky, Moony and Oscar Luweez each bring their own flavour to the evening, and all in the decadent surroundings of the increasingly infamous Antwerp Mansion. For more information, including how to purchase tickets in advance, head over to the Facebook event page over here.


Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Competition: Win a signed test press of Thelem - Bring Me Down (feat. T-Man) / False Imprint [IMRV007]

Innamind continue to cement their position as one of the most consistent and progressive labels within dubstep on this, the seventh vinyl release from the label. Enlisting new signee Thelem, following up his latest 12" for Osiris Music, the lead cut welcomes a second new face in the form of Manchester MC T-Man, whose blistering vocal brings a cocksure swagger to Thelem's low-swung halfstep instrumental. Having already proved himself on beats for Dub Phizix, and with a Wayfarer & Kanjira collaboration brewing too, it'd be difficult to disagree when he says he's 'one of the best on road at the moment.' The B-side sees Thelem in a more meditative mood: tight-looped, revolving synths, blips and whirls skirting in-between heavy-tread drums.

This release also marks the first video outing for the label, which is premiering here on Hedmuk. To mark the occasion, we're switching up the usual 'Like & Share' formula to involve the release's visual accompaniment: to enter for the chance to win a signed test press of the record, simply follow the link below to the Hedmuk Facebook Page and repost the official video by clicking 'Share'.

Enter here:

The competition will close one week from today, on Tuesday the 15th of October 2013, on which date a winner will be chosen at random by an independent third party and announced via Facebook and Twitter.

Thelem - Bring Me Down (feat. T-Man) / False Imprint [IMRV007] will be released on 28/10/13, on 10" vinyl and digital, and is available to pre-order from the Innamind Surus store now.


MisDigest 1st Birthday Rumble - Swing Ting, Fullfat & Tumble Audio

This Friday, MisDigest turns one - and quite the year they've had, bringing Paleman, Happa, Noodles, Walton, Sully and NDread and plenty more to play in Leeds. To celebrate the occasion, they've invited crews from Manchester, Leeds and Nottingham to bring their own unique flavours to the dance. The Swing Ting 'trainers only' policy means anything from garage, to grime, to jungle, to hip hop, to bashment, ragga, rap and UK funky; Fullfat bring the steppers, with Geode, J. Robinson, Onset and Sun Of Selah; and Tumble Audio, represented on the night by Sergic & Lyka, come with their distinctive brand of dancefloor-projectiles. With that lot on offer, the only thing that can be guaranteed is that this'll be a party, but without the posers and pouters.

For more details you can visit the Facebook event page over here, and to purchase tickets online from Ticket Arena head over here.


Monday, 7 October 2013

Competition: Win a limited test press of Ipman's Aight EP on Pressed Records

We've been waiting to see this one released since a clip appeared on YouTube, courtesy of AJP, and had us at the replay button. Finally picked up by Pressed Records for a full 12" outing, 'Aight' still bangs as hard as it did back then: drums punching through a huge bassline groove, Ipman's characteristic control guides every element in the mix and the end result is one that tests the mettle of any soundsystem going. Killawatt turns the whole thing inside out for the B-side; drenched in delay and swarming hi-hats, the beat takes a dubwise approach: stripped back and stretched out, all deep textures and moody atmospherics.

With a test press of the record going spare, the guys at Pressed suggested we link up to give one lucky winner the chance to get their hands on a copy of the EP ahead of the official release date. To enter, simply head over here (or click on the link below) and follow the instructions. The competition will close one week from now, on Monday the 14th of October, on which date a winner will be chosen at random by an independent third party and announced via Facebook and Twitter.

Enter here:

Ipman - Aight EP [PRD006] will be released on 12" vinyl on the 21st of October 2013, with the digital release following a week later on the 28th.


Sunday, 6 October 2013

Competition: Win a test press of Facta - Montpelier EP [BDMUP005]

Badimup race on to their fifth release and follow up a sold out Wen plate with a three track EP from London-Bristol straddler, Facta. Part of the joy of hearing this young producer's beats is in sharing his taste as a listener: every new project drips with influence, taking a melee of sounds and styles and running it through with something that, until now, had yet to go under the turntable's needle. Horsepower Productions form a good point of reference, whether in the flat slapped snares of 'Kobra', the impeccable roll of 'Montpelier', or the cinematic atmosphere of 'Upsetter' - but it would be unfair to limit the EP to a single influence as, clear from the variation in styles across the three tracks, there is so much going on here. What's perhaps most commendable though, is the distinctive texture of the release; if a debut 12" can be seen as an opportunity for an artist to announce their sound, then Facta has done a very good job.

To celebrate the release, we've been given the last remaining test press of the record to give out for free. As per the usual drill, you can enter by heading over to the Hedmuk Facebook Page and giving the above photo a 'Like & Share'. The competition will close on Friday the 11th of October, with the winner chosen at random by an independent third party and announced on Facebook and Twitter.

Facta - Montpelier EP [BDMUP005] will be released on the 11th of October 2013 on 12" and digital formats, and is available to pre-order exclusively from Red Eye now.


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