Friday, 23 August 2013

Shop: Hedmuk X The Tribes - Tee #005

After the success of our first sweatshirts, and the Generic Greeting collaboration tee before those, comes our link-up with Nottingham-based painter and designer Mac, AKA The Tribes. With most of the stock gone on pre-orders, there are just a few more of these left. The usual (low) postage and packaging rates apply and, as always, this is a limited print run.

Cop one here:


Sunday, 18 August 2013

Free Download: Lamont - Awake

It's not dubstep, but it's got everything that made dubstep's earliest movements so exciting. And by everything, of course, we mean 'anything': the drums draw rhythms from everything from UK funky to halfstep to techno to halftime kuduro, while the groove and atmosphere stems from a handful of disparate sound snippets - not afraid of keeping it minimal. In fact if there's one thing that could be stretched out as a definition across all of Lamont's output, it's that he's never trying to make just one thing and that, in fact, he wants to get as much of his musical pedigree as possible into every track. Go and listen to his 'Bangclap' remix if you feel like you might still need a further convincer.

There's a vocal snippet run throughout here suggesting that 'the people of this country need to be awakened', and it's a statement that Lamont seems more than willing to challenge.

Download: Lamont - Awake


Friday, 16 August 2013

Competition: Win an advance copy of Boofy & Lemzly Dale - Catch A Body / Banshee [S7S001]

Icy synths, coarse strings and clapped snares - lots of clapped snares - are what make up Sector 7 Sounds' first release. 'Catch A Body' broods, with Boofy's trademark skittering hats skipping over kicks set deep beneath a taut, Lemzly Dale string arrangement. Lil Nasty, Dot Rotten and Big H are on hand with adlibs and the result, all stop-start rhythms and spluttered bassline, is greaze. The flip, more a AA than a B-side, takes the stop-start and gives it more strut with a swinging kick/clap combination and cascading hats. Both are heavy cuts and, hardly surprisingly, have peppered the sets of Bristol's most recent grime upstarts, including Kahn, Neek, Asa and Hi5Ghost. This is classic era grime resurrected, and what format could be more fitting than a limited press white label?

In the spirit of all things up-front and exclusive, we've got an advance copy of the record to give away for free - simply head over to the Hedmuk Facebook Page and give the competition image the usual 'like and share' treatment. The competition will close on Sunday the 25th of August; the winner will be chosen at random by an independent third party, and announced via Facebook and Twitter on that date.


Monday, 5 August 2013

Shop: Hedmuk X The Tribes - Tee #005 - Pre-orders

The latest limited run of t-shirts comes in collaboration with Nottingham-based designer and illustrator Mac, the man and pen behind The Tribes art and clothing brand. Following on from t-shirt designs for Deep Medi, Tumble Audio and M.U.D, Mac has produced this stunning print for us.

As with the sweatshirts, this t-shirt design will be available to pre-order for one week, ending on the 12th of August; printing of the received t-shirt orders will begin after that time. All pre-order customers will be kept up-to-date with the status of their order - for example, when the shirts are being printed, packaged, posted etcetera - via email.

As usual, prices for UK customers include postage and packing whilst those ordering from elsewhere around the world can expect to pay a small additional cost for delivery.

Pre-order from here:


Thursday, 1 August 2013

Photo Review: Gottwood Festival 2013

A few weeks back we joined our friends from Hit&Run at Gottwood Festival in Wales, and along with the crew was Alex Morgan to take some snaps. We've got a few of his favourite shots presented here, capturing every angle of what is a genuinely unique festival tucked away in North Wales - for the full set just head over here. And for more from Alex, including photography, videography and music production, you can visit his website here.

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