Thursday, 25 March 2010

dBridge - Lost Shadow

Something of a legend in the too-often-stale Drum & Bass scene, and head of Exit Records, dBridge is among a small group of producers who are still managing to push what is a much maturer sound forward. By focusing on a serious depth in his sub-bass and still searching for interesting drum sounds, dBridge is now recognised as one of the most forward-thinking and innovative producers of Drum & Bass that the UK has to offer. His recent Fabriclive mix alongside regular sparring partner and labelmate Instra:mental was an intense piece of work, and his recent crossover into production on the slower end of the spectrum is proving similarly captivating for Dubstep and Drum & Bass fans alike.

Download: dBridge - Lost Shadow

Lost Shadow  by  dBridge

dBridge - Memory Park  by  dBridge

Catch dBridge headlining this year's D&B lineup at Outlook in September.


Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Outlook Festival, Croatia: Lineups Revealed

This year's festival lineup has been announced and it is, as expected, absolutely massive. Taking place from the 2nd-5th of September, the festival is a must attend for anyone who loves their music with a heavy sub underneath it. With more names still to be announced, the lineup already features a huge array of dubstep heavyweights (Hatcha, N-Type, Plastician, Chef, Joker, DMZ, Loefah, Distance, Pinch, Walsh, Seven, Kromestar...), a tight selection of Jungle and Drum & Bass representatives (including Congo Natty, D Bridge and Kenny Ken), a host of the best Dub/Reggae outfits (Iration Steppas, Mungo's Hi-Fi, Michael Prophet and Dub Asante...) and is set to pull in bass-heads from all over the world to soak up the Croatian sun.

Tickets are on sale now.


Sunday, 21 March 2010

Joker - Tron // Test Press Competition

'Tron' has been doing the rounds for some time now, but has, somewhat miraculously, maintained a serious degree of exclusivity. However, launching his new website for label Kapsize today, the man behind the tune announced that it would be available on wax on April 6th (with other formats to follow in the weeks afterwards).

With the similarly-hyped VIP on the flipside, this is set to be a huge release; and the good news is that there is a simple way to enter to win a signed copy of one of 15 test presses of the tunes: simply enter your email address in the space below to be entered into the draw.

The competition closes on the 28th of March, and the winners will be contacted by email on the following day.


Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Peverelist FACT mix.

Manager of Bristol based Rooted Records, boss of Punch Drunk Records, a ridiculously talented and original producer (as Jarvik Mindstate proved) and the latest to do a FACT mix, which is absolutely rammed with exclusives: all hail Peverelist.

Download here.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Sunday, 14 March 2010

For The Win Records: Winter Mix

We have a confession: this post was meant to be up a month ago. Having resurfaced from the depth of our harddrive, FTW Records Winter Mix can now take its rightful place on your harddrive:

1. Goli & Ashburner - Field of Vibrations (dub)
2. Monkey - Ninthlife (dub)
3. Central Spillz - What You Know About (Mensah Remix) (dub)
4. Redlight ft. Sourcerer - Champion Sound (Lobster Boy)
5. Ashburner - Bullet (dub)
6. Heny G - Colours (3.5 Records)
7. Phaeleh - Plink (dub)
8. Lojik - Connected (dub)
9. Monkey - Poor You (dub)
10. Headhunter - 3 Mad P's (Tempa)
11. Instra:mental - No Future (skreamix) (Minimalistix)
12. Reso - Armoured Core (Civil Music)
13. Cotti vs Mr. Party ft. Jammer - Dem Fi Know (Argon)
14. Jakes - Rhythm (dub)
15. Magenta - Gutwrencher (dub)
16. Rukus & Roke - Urban Dispute (demo) (dub)
17. Devious - Incision (dub)
18. Jakes - Warface 2010 (dub)
19. Wild Child - Renegade Master (Goli & Ashburner remix) (dub)
20. Tempa T - Next Hype (Ashburner Remix) (dub)
21. Skream - What Did He Say (
22. JME - Oh My Gosh ft Skepta (Boy Better Know)
23. Physical - The Mantis (Forthcoming 420)

The boys behind that mix, Goli & Ashburner, have also given us these two heavy reworkings of the Tempa T's 2009 anthem 'Next Hype' and Boy Better Know's old school classic 'Too Many Man' to share as free downloads:

Tempa T - Next Hype (Ashburner Remix)

Boy Better Know - Too Many Man (Goli & Ashburner Remix)

Make sure to check their myspace for regular updates.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Hatcha: Kiss FM Dubstep Retrospective Mix.

Don't knock Kiss FM! Seriously. Don't. DJ's with weekly shows include Logan Sama representing Grime, DJ EZ showing for Garage, David Rodigan playing out Reggae and Crazy D & Hatcha spinning Dubstep. Thats an impressive rosta. What's more is that Kiss turn their attention every week to a particular scene showcasing the talent within it and/or its development from day. This weeks Chosen Ones focused on Hatcha and the history of Dubstep, 1999-present. Told you not to knock Kiss.

Download here.

Groove Chronicles – 1999 – Dpr
E.S. Dubs – Standard Hoodlum Issue – Social Circles
Oris ay Ft Mc Rankin – Biggin Up The Massive (Re Edit) – UrbanUnderground
Oris Jay Ft Mc E – Ll – Brand Nu Flava – Props Records
Exmen – Strom – Manchu
Mj Cole – Be Sincere (Wookie Remix) – Talkin Loud
El – B – Cover Me – White Label
The Croydon Dub Heads – Your Lying (El B Remix) – Well Built Records
Madslinky – Sentence – White Label
Adam F – Untitled – White Label
Jammin – Go Dj – Bingo
Jammin – Kinda Funky (Wookie Remix) – Bingo
Artwork – Red – Big Apple
Benga – Skank – Big Apple
Benga Vs Skream – The Bug – Big Apple
Menta – Sound Of The Future – Sound Of The Future
Menta – Snake Charmer – Road
Benny Ill, Kode 9 & The Culprit – Fat Larry’s Skank – Tempa
Benny Ill & Hatcha – Highland Spring – Tempa
Quest – Overdose – Soulja
High Plains Drifter Ft Goldspot Productions – Sholay (Epic Mix) – Tempa
Markone – Rain Dance – Soulja
Benga Vs Skream – Judgement – Big Apple
Kode 9 And Spaceape – 9 Samuri – Hyperdub
Kode 9 And Spaceape – Kingston Dub – Hyperdub
Mala – Pathways Edit – Big Apple
Loefah – Hurricane Kick – Dub
Coki – Da Edit – Dub
Benga – Oxygent – Dub
Benga – Melodic Melody – Dub
Loefah – Indian Dub – Big Apple
Digital Mystikz And Loefah – Twisup – Dmz
Digital Mystikz And Loefah – Horror Show – Dmz
Skream – Midnight Request Line – Tempa
Skream – Midnight Request Line (Mala Remix) – Dub
Skream – I – Tempa
Skream – I (Loefah Remix) – Tempa
Coki – Officer – Dmz
Digital Mystikz – Anti War Dub – Dmz
Digital Mystikz – Ancient Memories – Dmz
Digital Mystikz – Ancient Memories (Skream Remix) – Dmz
Skream – Smiling Face – Tempa
Loefah – Goat Stare – Dmz
Scuba – Timba – Scuba
Loefah – Mud – Dmz
Mala – Bury Da Bwoy – Dmz
Mala – Left Leg Out – Dmz
Skream – Chest Boxing – Tempa
Benga And Coki – Night – Tempa
Coki – Tourtured – Tempa
Skream – March Of The Powder – Dub
Benga – Ow My Gosh – Dub
Skream – Cut Like A Buffalo – Dub
Adison Groove – Footcrab – Swamp 81


You may recognise many of Shaun Bloodworth's photographs: The Roots of El-B, Skream's debut album (Skream!) and several of Tempa Records' Dubstep Allstars and Rinse's mix CDs use his images. Check out his 'Spread It Like Lurpak' collection compiled for Tempa and Ammunition documenting the key players in the UK scene: it's seriously good.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Breakage - Foundation LP

Hailing from Croydon's neighbouring district Mitcham, James Boyle, aka Breakage, would often pass the now-famous Big Apple Records, but never fully understood what was brewing beyond its flyer-caked door. Perhaps never having succumbed to the allure of the now infamous shop explains why diversity is the optimal word for Breakage; whilst still pushing drum and bass back to its percussive jungle roots, as he has done since 2000 with his reworking of Nasty Habits' 'Here Come The Drums', Breakage has managed to maintain a versatile output spanning myriad genres and BPMs. Having created the half-time masterpieces that are 'Clarendon' and 'Shroud' in 2007 (released on Shy FX' Digital Soundboy imprint, as will the Foundations LP be), before tearing 2009 apart with 'Together', the now unavoidable 'Hard (feat. Newham Generals & David Rodigan)', his collaboration with Roots Manuva entitled 'Run 'em Out' and of course the massive 'Higher', it was beginning to look like a question of whether he could continue this good form and deliver an album as diverse (and, most importantly, successful in this diversity) as his previous output. The good news: he has. Standout tracks include 'Vial', a collaboration with Burial reminiscent of a more minimalistic version of El B's Buck & Bury; the beautiful upbeat stepper 'Over (feat.Zarif)'; and two downtempo tunes 'Justified (feat. Erin)' and 'Speechless (feat. Donaeo)'. Nevertheless, each track on Foundation is wonderfully produced and true to Breakage's sound, whatever genre that may be; making one and all glad that he stayed away from that shop.

The Foundation LP gets its official release on Monday 15th of March, with the album launch partyfeaturing the man himself, Shy FX and Redlight following on the 19th.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Bias and Gurley

A snippet of the Zed Bias and Steve Gurley production provisionally entitled 'Roll': a somewhat unlikely production duo, but the proof is in the sound. HEDMUK is excited about this one, as we prepare for a summer of pure garage revivalism!

Bias & Gurley 'roll' snippet  by  zedbias

For an extended listen, Dusk and Blackdown opened up their last Rinse FM set with the tune. Find it on Blackdown's blog.

And if you're enjoying these sounds as much as we are, check Bias' 20 minute old school UK Garage mix here:

Zed Bias UKG 20min44secs  by  zedbias

"Heartache on the Dancefloor"

Considering the sheer ear-time Deadboy has been getting from HEDMUK over the past couple of months, it's shocking that we haven't featured the young London producer until now. For Deadboy, the 2-step garage scene of the early noughties was cut short in its prime, never reaching its full creative potential - and we couldn't agree more. Deadboy's first release (Well Rounded Records, October 2009), included 'Brock Lee Riddim', a 2-step inspired track which blends eerie, unintelligible vocals with a shoulder shuffling beat and, interestingly, a funky bassline. The tear-jerking, mangled vocals of 'Heartbreaker', a real melancholic stepper of a tune, as well as the soon-to-be-UK-Funky-anthem, 'U Cheated', not only affirm Deadboy's talent for producing fresh, organic tunes, but also his judgement; he's right, "everyone can relate to a little heartache on the dancefloor".

With a FACT mix already under his belt, a forthcoming release on Numbers (NMBRS0LTD), and bookings at FWD and Hit&Run (on the 2nd of this coming May), Deadboy is certainly one to watch.

For now, check out his mix for Un Bongo:

1. Ramadanman – Revenue (Untold remix)
2. Julio Bashmore – Um Bongo’s Revenge (Deadboy remix)
3. El-B – Amazon
4. Rice & Peas – Soundboy
5. L-Vis 1990 – United Groove
6. Tactic – Badmans Roor
7. Lil Silva – Pulse X Funky
8. Deadboy – If U Want Me
9. B15 Project – Girls Like Us (Artful Dodger remix)
10. Zomby – Digital Flora
11. Zed Bias – Neighbourhood (Roska remix)
12. Martin Kemp – No Charisma
13. D-Malice – My Joy refix
14. Brackles – Lizards
15. Dexplicit – Hot Girls
16. Slaughter Mob – L’Amou

The Return (II Space)

From seemingly nowhere, Mala (co-founder and coordinator of London label and clubnight DMZ, and one half of production duo Digital Mystikz, alongside Coki) has caused serious waves by announcing a forthcoming Digital Mystikz LP due for release in the first week of May this year. After a packed-out 5th birthday dance, expectations were for the two producers to retreat once more into their own individual projects, with Mala focusing on his Deep Medi Musik label and Coki continuing his string of limited press releases (see 'Goblin' on Ringo Records), so this announcement comes as something of a surprise.

Regardless, the date is (characteristically vaguely) set and the LP is to be released as a limited press 3x12" set with catalogue number DMZLP001. No news, as yet, on a tracklist (apart from the assumed inclusion of Mala's track 'Return II Space', from which the LP's title is taken), neither is there on other formats although a CD release is expected to follow.


Monday, 8 March 2010

DMZ 5th Birthday

HEDMUK went and meditated on bass weight...Here are some of the best photos from the night:

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Bristol label Hench is to release its first label mixtape next month (the official release date being the 5th of April), which is mixed by Dubstep's king of acceptable wobbles, Jakes. The tape features a wide selection of the label's heaviest beats ('Warface', 'Ironhide', 'Pulse 80's' etc.), as well as loads of unreleased exclusives, including the ever-so-rare 'Drumstick VIP'.

The tape is available for pre-order here, and there's a free download of Jakes' reworking of his classic '3Klane' collaboration with fellow Bristol boy Joker here:

Jakes & Joker - 3Klane 1999


Monday, 1 March 2010

Fukhed: March Mix

Fukhed: The Marchtape:


Youngsta & Seven - Masai Mara
Double S - Pot Full Of Gold
Jakes - 3kout
Cluekid - '09 Lick
Frisco - Skengman Mode (feat. Chipmunk & Double S)
D1 - Jus' Business
Benga & Skream - Amber
Benga & Skream - The Bug
Distance & Benga - Chokehold
Benga - Buzzin'
Donaeo - Riot Music (Skream Remix)
Doctor P - Sweet Shop
Frisco - Raising Levels (feat. Macksta)
Lethal Bizzle - POW! (Forward Riddim)
Gemmy - Wata Down Sound
Dizzee Rascal - Stop Dat
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