Monday, 18 October 2010

Featuring: Killa & Instinct

With 'Haterz' featuring on Get Darker's recent This Is Dubstep Vol.3 compilation, many will be aware of Killa & Instinct. The production duo's brand of fierce, brooding beats have won them the support of some of the scene's biggest names, with perhaps the most significant being that of Cyrus and Tunnidge who recently added the pair to their Origin Audio imprint. Both Killa & Instinct have put together an exclusive mix for us showcasing their sound and that off producers making tunes in a vein similar to theirs, as well as taking the time to answer a few of our questions. This one's big: enjoy.

Hedmuk: Just as an introduction, what names do you both write under, when did you start to make beats and how would you describe your sound?

Killa & Instinct: We both write under the Killa & Instinct name but we do make some solo projects where we go under our individual names. We both played around with beats when we where younger but started taking making music seriously in 2008. We would describe our sound as deep, dark & minimal.

H: In past interviews you’ve mentioned the influence of people from Guernsey in shaping your musical direction. Who has influenced both of you in taking up music production and who continues to shape and affect the beats you make?

K&I: No one in particular spurred us on to start producing music. We both were DJ's for a long time before we started producing but it was more of a natural progression to make our own beats. Some life experiences in Guernsey had shaped a few of our tunes. For instance Haterz(which featured on Get Darker's This is Dubstep: Vol.3 compilation) was definitely shaped by our mood at the time.

H: Did being, for want of a better word, isolated from London affect your response to Dubstep? Was it harder to find and listen to? If so, did it enhance it's appeal?

K&I: It was hard for us to go to nights unless we hosted them ourselves or flew to London for the weekend and go to places like FWD. It wasn't hard keeping up to date with the music as we both found ourselfs listening to pirate shows on Rinse FM, React FM and downloading sets from Barefiles. We were also strongly influenced by a friend up in Leeds who used to send Killa mix CD's.

H: You set up Guernsey’s first Dubstep and Bass Music night in 2007. Having had Youngsta andChefal play out on the island, is it safe to assume it’s been successful?

K&I: The nights where really successful it gave Dubstep a strong base on the island but due to closures of clubs we had to take up a smaller residency where bringing artists over was no longer ideal. We still maintained a good vibe at the smaller scale nights with local DJ's. This was a shaping factor in our move to Bristol, there is such a good scene with many nights to get involved in.

H: Production duos have found success in Dubstep, perhaps most notably with DMZ. How does working as a pair affect your production? Is it advantageous?

K&I: Yeah it definitely helped us, especially coming from a small island with no one to show you how to use our software. We both push each other to get the best possible sound out of our tracks, bouncing ideas of each other. Two heads are better than one.

H: How did your involvement with Origin Audio come about?

K&I: We both started sending our tracks to Cyrus simply asking him his views on them. He asked us to keep sending our tunes to him. This made us knuckle down more on making beats. When we sent him H2O he told us he was starting a new Label with Tunnidge to promote the deeper side of Dubstep which wasn't being represented very well at the time.

H: Your dark, sub-driven beats fit perfectly to the labels plans. On a personal level, what does it mean for you to work with such established and respected scene veterans?

K&I: We bear influence from all over the Dubstep spectrum but we were already big fans of Cyrus with his early album "From The Shadows" and Tunnidge's track Geddeon. So we are thrilled to be working under their wing.

H: What can we expect from you in the future? Any releases forthcoming or big projects in the pipe-line?

K&I: H20 is forthcoming on Origin Audio. Haterz was recently released on This is Dubstep volume 3 and we have a remix forthcoming on a EP for NE Records. We are currently working on a collaboration with Lurka who is making next level stuff at the moment.

H: To finish on a different note, it’s clear from your podcast series that music aside from Dubstep has been important. Who do you listen to outside of the 140 bpm spectrum?
K&I: We both listen to a wide range of music anything with a vibe or some sort of soul to it. Whether it be D&B House, Trip Hop, Ambient, 90's Hip Hop or even Metal. We are both open minded.


H20 - Killa & Instinct (Forthcoming Origin Audio)
Icarus - TMSV & Myrkur (Dub)
Decisions - Cyrus (Forthcoming Deep Medi)
Indica - Killa & Instinct (Dub)
Forseen - Freeze & LX One (Forthcoming Osiris)
Eastern Bloc - Commodo (Forthcoming Origin Audio)
Future Blindness -Subreachers (Lurka Remix)
Haterz - Killa & Instinct (This Is Dubstep Vol.3)
Burning Fire - Tunnidge (Dub)
Blue Notes - Mala (DMZ)
You - LX One (Forthcoming Wheel & Deal)
Tempted - Lurka (Dub)

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