Monday, 24 January 2011

Featuring: Pressa

It might have been the rise of the screeching, mid-range-led sound that has in recent years been taking over the image of dubstep that made the deeper, half-step end of the spectrum seem like the less soulful, even danceable option or it might easily have been 'Horror Show'; what is more clear though is the recent reclamation of this sound as the opposite of boring or motionless by a number of up-and-coming producers. The likes of Killa & Instinct, Lurka, TMSV, Myrkur and District are breathing new life into the sound, and Pressa is another name that can be added to that list. With a similarly progressive take on the sub-bass, halftime basics of dubstep and an audible jungle influence in not only his breaks but also his undulating basslines, Pressa is taking the sound forward with him. We caught up with the man himself to ask him a few questions, and he has laid down the latest installment in our exclusive mix series which features plenty of dubs and forthcomings aswell as an added segment of old school jungle tunes. Enjoi:

Hedmuk: For those who don't know, what's your name, where are you from and how would you describe your sound?

Pressa: I'm Pressa and I'm from the London borough of Bexley. I build dubstep and sub heavy beats for the mind, body and soul.

H: Would you describe yourself as from a musical background, or is something that you have picked up yourself?

P: It's something I've picked up. I was listening to underground music from a young age as my older siblings were into hardcore, jungle and house & garage music. No one in my family plays any instruments but we do love music, the neighbours used to complain alot (big up Colin!)

H: There is a clear jungle influence in a lot of your tunes, where does this influence come from and have you always made tunes in this way?

P: Yeah jungle is a big influence, I'm really into breaks and of course sub bass which are the main ingredients of jungle. It's been in the background a lot growing up so it would be hard to make music without the influence being there. I wouldn't say that all of my tunes are jungle influenced but a lot of them are yes.

H: What or who else do you take influence from when it
comes to making beats?

P: I listen to a lot of drum and bass, dub, deep house, soul and old hip hop (music with soul or feeling). Music and sound in films influence me, I like the way it can add suspense or evoke a feeling.

H: You've included an extra segment of old jungle beats in your mix for us, is this something that you would often do for live sets?

P: I have played jungle before in dubstep sets and it goes down well, I plan on doing this more in the future.

H: Can you take us through how you went about putting together a tracklist for the mix?

P: The mix features tunes from friends and artists that I am feeling within the dubstep scene that are on a similar tip to what I am doing, as well as some jungle riddims from way back.

H: You play regularly on Rood FM; how did this come about and what sort of vibe do you try and achieve with your show?

P: I was on my way back from the pub and I bumped in to a girl I hadn't seen in a few years and she was with Fish who runs Rood FM, this was in 2008, 2 years later he hits me up and asks if I'm interested in a slot. I play a lot of my own material on the show as well as stuff with a similar vibe to me from upcoming and established producers. I also play some dnb and jungle. My show is every other Sunday from 8-10pm GMT but I am considering doing it every week.

H: Seeing as it's January, what do you want to have achieved by this time next year?

P: To have produced more music, get more bookings. I like to go with the flow really and just see what happens.

H: Finally, is there anything forthcoming or in the pipeline that you want to put the word out about?

P: I've got a 3 track 12" out on Orientis which should be out around April, also I am part of the forthcoming Mindstep compilation which is a collaboration with Crisp, as well as a 4 track original/remix EP with Bojcot Selectah which will be out on Top Drawer Digital in the summer.


Phaeleh - Lockdown (feat. Jut Lew) (Forthcoming Open Earz)
Be-1ne - Illusion (Area)
Pressa - Blue Mood (Forthcoming Orientis)
Jack Sparrow - Way Out West (Cloqworq)
Dcult - End Of Days (Dub)
TMSV - Cold (Box Clever)
Subreachers - Tsukuyomi (Dub)
Spherix - Rule Of Threes (3.5)
Killa & Instinct - Halftime (Dub)
Coleco - Morbid Curiosity (Orientis)
Randall & Andy C - Sound Control (Ram)
Deep Blue - The Helicopter Tune (Moving Shadow)
Fire Fox & 4-Tree - Warning (Powder Mix) (Philly Blunt)
Die - Something special (V)


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