Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Free Download: Hugo Massien - Mystik

The artist formerly known (and featured on these very pages) as Dr. Hugo has taken the tempo down a few notches, and stretched his name out accordingly. Tunes from the newly-monikered Hugo Massien have been coming in fits and spurts, with each new beat showing yet more progression from the young producer as he continues to find his way around his own shape-shifting sound; and yet, each one that lands in the inbox feels just as self-assured as the last. No surprise then that the new moniker has been backed to the hilt by anyone and everyone on the mail-out list, and has received heavy rotation on Mark Radford's Rinse show.

Originally planned to go up as a promo clip on the Hedmuk Youtube channel, Massien was generous enough to give the whole thing out as a free download. Sitting somewhere between early UK funky, grime and the sort of groove-riding 2-step that has always set Horsepower Productions apart from the crowd, Hugo's past spend making minimal dubstep shows through too in the beat's weight and sparsity. The binding mystic sample deserves a mention too: one of those that'll have producers sitting back wishing they'd found it first.

Download: Hugo Massien - Mystik


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